STACK Transformed Construction RDJ’s Workflow



Video Transcript

Emmanuel le Duc:
Hello, my name is Emmanuel le Duc. I’ve been working for RDJ for about a year and a half.

Before the STACK solution, my workflow on the construction sites, we only used paper. So, we had to use rolls of plans under our arms. When we had floors to build, we needed to bring our plans with us everywhere.

The STACK solution replaces all the paper. You can manage that with your fingertips on your phone. Everything we used in paper, we do it all by phone now. So that’s the big, big, big advantage of the STACK solution.


Stéphane Bouchard:
Hello, my name is Stéphane Bouchard. I am the Senior Project Manager at Construction RDJ.

So, the management of our work before the use of the SmartUse software was mainly the problem that we had of distributing documents between the office and the site since the field managers are not on the site every day. This part, with this software, solved a lot of problems since the documentation was done instantly as soon as the required documents were submitted to the website to share the documents.


Jimmy Remillard:
Hello, my name is Jimmy Remillard. I am the General Director at Construction RDJ.

So, to our great surprise, the integration of STACK into the company was very easy despite the fact we had workers who did not have ease with technology. They were able to adapt to this reality because it is easy to access and it is easy to use. People intuitively find the answer to their questions.

We were also really accommodated by the STACK team to really do training adapted to our needs and to each of our workers. We managed to develop the service offer for our superintendents and really for our managers at the office. So, the integration went well and everything went well.

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