Assign, communicate and resolve deficiencies list items.

Stay informed about issues until they are resolved and completed

With SmartUse’s color-coded, ball-in-court workflow, you have full accountability throughout the entire construction process. From creating to assigning an item, notifications will be sent throughout the process until the issue is resolved and complete. Save time and resources by more effectively managing your collaborators on the project. PDF versions can be sent to non-users of SmartUse.

360 pictures : inspect as if you were on the job site

SmartUse’s 360 photo view allows your team members to see the construction site as if they were there. Pan, tilt, zoom in and out, view the site from every angle, all in SmartUse’s construction management software.

Instant reporting of all issues

Upgrade your audit process with SmartUse’s instant reporting tools. You can pull reports anytime with ease by exporting a detailed list of all issues that have been tracked and resolved. The report will be time stamped with photos and users, and you can hand it over to your client for a thorough, easy-to-read summary at project close-out.

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