SmartUse helps you manage your commercial construction project.

Save time

Use your phone or tablet to report issues, mark up sheets or take photos while on your commercial projects site. Regain countless hours per week by eliminating the need to go back to the trailer to work with hard copy construction documents.

Informed inspections

While walking the job site during inspections, provide precise views of the building with 360 photos. Deliver full custom reports with photos that contain all resolved or outstanding issues.

Track issues and assign tasks

Easily create and assign issues like punch list items or safety observations for improved quality control on your commercial projects. Make better management decisions while maintaining accountability through audit trails.

Unlimited sheets and documents

No need to worry about unexpected fees due to sheet limitations. With SmartUse you always have access to unlimited sheets and documents on any pricing plan. Manage all your projects from one centralized location with all your data stored and easily accessible during or post construction.

The #1 Construction Management Software

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