SmartUse helps you manage your industrial construction project.

Better Reporting

Improve task supervision with better reporting tools. SmartUse allows you to easily create itemized PDF reports that contain all resolved or outstanding issues. Reduce the amount of time creating reports by easily exporting the information you need, including photos, directly from your mobile device.

Built-in versioning

With real-time sync, significantly reduce accidental work on your project as your team is always updated with the most recent sheets and documents. SmartUse allows you to retain detailed markups from previous versions after updates are made, saving you significant amounts of time reinputting information. Working offline? Not a problem. Changes made offline are automatically updated the moment a user is back in range.

Real-time communication

Communicate easier with subcontractors by having everyone working on the same platform. Assign tasks and track deficiencies directly through the SmartUse app, and assignees are instantly notified via email or text.

Unlimited sheets and documents

With SmartUse’s unlimited sheets and documents on any pricing plan, you can manage all your industrial projects from one centralized location. This means that all your data is always stored and easily accessible during or post construction.

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