Daily Logs

Document your day in minutes. 

Fast, accurate digital daily logs created without ever leaving the jobsite

Pen and paper reports add minutes to hours at the end of a long day. Reduce time spent on daily reporting from 30-60% with our streamlined daily log functionality.

Daily Reports Log

Consistent & complete reports to mitigate risk and improve accuracy

Following our best practice approach ensures information is quickly found where it should be, resulting in less time searching and significantly reduced risk.

Daily Reports - Complete Details

Easy log assignment, execution, tracking & referencing

Track onsite workforce & equipment resources, events & incidents, and observations & comments. Automate reporting of weather and attach jobsite photos for proof.

Daily Reports - Track Onsite Workforce

Simplifying the daily reporting process

Organization is key. You can view a list of recent logs, easily copy or export reports, view details, jump to specific sections of your log, and create a report from a previous report.

Daily Reports - Stay Organized

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