General contractors

Built for General Contractors

Easily consult drawings, markups, assign, track issues and more with SmartUse. Manage all your jobsites from any device.

Project oversight

Manage all your projects from one centralized location. Meet your business goals faster, at lower costs, and easily archive your documents.

Everyone on the same plans

SmartUse automatically synchronizes updated plans and documents to everyone on the team so you stay on top of things.

Full documents access on jobsites

With SmartUse, you can enjoy on-site access to blueprints, as-built, markups or other important information. All document access, from anywhere, from any device.

A construction software precisely for you

As a collaborative platform, SmartUse makes it easy for the entire project team to perform simple tasks like markups, comparing sheets, doing takeoffs, adding photos, and assigning and tracking issues. Auto-notifications and sharing tools keep everyone in the loop with the most current information resulting in better communication and time management. Project stakeholders will benefit from these enhanced collaboration tools when making key decisions as all the information is up-to-date, time stamped and dated for full accountability and audit trails.

Stay on budget and schedule while reducing risk

With SmartUse, your team is always working off the most current plans, making any potential and costly rework a minimal risk. The inspection tracking tool helps you monitor performance and make sure issues are addressed in a timely manner. With photos, give stakeholders a birds’ eye view into the project progress or issue resolution so they’re always in the know. SmartUse’s offline mode is perfect for jobsites with low connectivity, so your team can continue performing the task at hand without any downtime.

The #1 Construction Management Software

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