Quantity takeoffs

Doing takeoffs is easy with SmartUse’s measurement tools.


Doing takeoffs is easy with SmartUse’s measurement tools. Get dimensions, area and volume information straight from your sheets in the app. What’s more, count and group items and measurement amounts to help with scheduling and ordering materials.

Surface tools measurements

Calculate the amount of square footage for measurements to easily determine your flooring, concrete volume or any other area measurement you need. Use the layering tool to keep the sheet clean when doing multiple measurements.

Line and length measures

With line and length measures, you can calculate distances between points like walls, fences, and wiring. If you like, add height to get the square footage of different areas.

Count items on your sheet

SmartUse’s construction management software can help you count the total number of items on your sheet. Calculate the number of items—say doors or windows—and easily export the data to share with anyone on your team.

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