Boost productivity on your industrial building projects with easy-to-use tools that improve communication, collaboration and project management. Offer your team quick and easy access to your project sheets and documents on their phone, tablet or desktop. Whether building a factory or another highly specialized facility, SmartUse gives your collaborators the tools they need to be more productive to get the job done.


With Smart classrooms and new educational technologies, university, college and school construction projects are large, and often complex, undertakings. Equip your team to meet your project goals with the SmartUse mobile app. With built-in tools like instant notifications, keep all team members up to date on your sheets and documents for quick viewing, markups, takeoffs, issue reporting and photos directly from their mobile device or desktop. Keep your project stakeholders always in the know as to what’s happening on the project site.


The SmartUse application is ideal for large-scale healthcare construction projects, whether for hospitals, medical clinics or long-term care facilities. With its simple and effective communication, reporting and tracking features, SmartUse allows you to move your project forward efficiently and on time, and to quickly adapt to regulatory requirements.