Collaborate More Effectively With Your Construction Team

    SmartUse app makes it easy and practical to replace paper plans and markups. It instantly relays changes, ensuring the entire team is working from the latest drawings and specs.

    The SmartUse app works on multiple platforms, including the large, Windows touch screens that enable plan reviews at full size – the way teams prefer to collaborate.

    Key Features

    • Navigate Quickly

      The SmartUse app automatically creates hyperlinks to your detail callouts so you can navigate build sets of favorite sheets. For all sheets, SmartUse automatically links to detail callouts, enableling quick navigation between sheets.

    • Collaborate Live

      Online architecture enables real-time collaboration and instant updates. Share new revisions, markups, RFIs and photos (Download sheets locally if needed.)

    • Work Intuitively

      Be productive from the outset. Unlike complicated software, SmartUse is easy to use whether you use your fingers or a mouse and keyboard.

    • Open, Pan, and Zoom Quickly

      Manipulate multiple sheets more efficiently than possible with paper plans. View as thumbnails or expand to full size.

    • Use on Apple & Microsoft OS

      Work with plans on Apple iPad devices, Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 computers, and tablets and large screens running the Windows OS.

    • Detect Clashes

      Detect clashes and revisions by overlaying sheets. Or track progress by viewing sheets side by side.

    Work on electronic drawings at their actual sizes.

    Instead of printing sheets and spreading them across tables and walls, SmartUse allows you to display full-size plans on large, interactive touch screens. Users say meetings take less time while providing more useful information about the project’s requirements

    pull plans from many sources — read plans on many screens

    • Windows PCs at the desk
    • Apple iPads and Microsoft Surface tablets in the field
    • Large Windows touch screens in the site office and plans room

    “SmartUse provides an efficient way to share information and promote rigorous tracking and control.”